Nanodentica specializes in the production of nano and
micro particles that are ideal for modern biomimetic

Anti-bacterial and Bioactive

Our formula reduces bacterial viability from 80 to 95% (1,2), with a special action on the bacteria involved in periodontal disease (2).

Moreover, when in contact with saliva our formula produces marked and sharp crystallites on its surface, as a barrier, protecting the tissue below from advanced bacterial colonization (in-house data).

1. J Mater Sci: Mater Med (2011) 22:16071614
2. ACS Omega 2016, 1, 264−276


Our formula is optically equivalent to natural
teeth, being structurally and elementally very
close to natural enamel, the unique properties
of enamel, such as, opalescence, fluorescence,
and refractive index, are virtually equal.

Diverse morphologies

A diverse plethora of sizes and morphologies
are available for a variety of dental applications.
Depending on the desired particle size and
form a variety of material properties can be

Made in Sweden

Our formula is produced using a unique patent-pending process which sprung from the world known academic environment in the city of Gothenburg, Sweden. 

The method is simple and effective aiming to contribute to the global goals 9) Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure and 12) Responsible consumption and production. The method has shown to use 40% less energy compared to other available methods (in-house data). And being produced in Sweden our formula is guaranteed the highest standards of quality and production.

9-industry-innovation-and-infrastructure 12-responsible-consumption-and-production